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About our company

Yann nury nyc

A boutique catering company creating bespoke
 culinary experiences. 

Our love for hospitality is reflected in a dedication to excellency.  We use the absolute finest products, preparations, and service to create unparalleled moments centered around food.




We strive to show that catering doesn’t only exist to answer needs, but also can simply be here to answer a desire.



We believe “hosting” either in your home or in very special event space is the most amazing and intimate way to share times with friends, family, or clients.



Our clients call upon us for their most important event needs, small or large, in New York or anywhere else in the world.


Absolute Excellency 

We thrive on creating tailored menus and events to deliver unparalleled dinners.

Unique Curation    

From private dinners to corporate lunches, our clients call upon us to meet their needs and indulge in their desire to enjoy the best of everything. We work with you to create the perfect experience for your event.

Yann nury new york dinner
Yann Nury is A boutique catering company creating bespoke culinary experiences in New York. Yannnurynyc.
Exquisite Pairings 

Our passion and dedication to the world of food and hospitality is expressed in many ways beyond the cuisine itself. Everything is prepared uniquely for you, from the best wine and liquor to innovative and elegant tableware; it's all designed to enhance your one-of- a-kind event. 

What Makes Us Different 

- You'll never be asked to choose from a pre-set menu, each menu is designed to your tastes. 

- Everything is created just for you and your event. 

- We're hands on. You'll always have access to chef Yann Nury.

- We're committed. Should you ever have any additional needs within the food world, we're at your disposal. 

- We love what we do, and it shows in every part. 

- We have today the resources and skills to follow our clients around the world, some our past events includes but are not limited to: the hamptons, upstate New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Virginia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Geneva, London etc.